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Lokodo vows to arrest Bad Black over threats to sue Govt

The Minister of the State for Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo has vowed to order the arrest of Bad Black aka Shanitah Namuyimbwa over threatening to sue the government.

According to Lokodo, Bad Black should not put the government under pressure to pay her. He says if she continues threatening to sue; she will be arrested and charged with extortion.

“If she continues threatening the government, we shall lock her up for days as a punishment,” he added.

Lukoda said Bad Black pretends to be a good person but has malicious intentions to extort money from the government.

According to Lokodo, Black is making unnecessary complaints, and suing the Government is not a solution.

The government can decide to give her a token of appreciation for a job well done but not the way she wants.

“We can appreciate her for a good job but she should not forcefully demand the money,” said Lokodo.

According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, Police cannot arrest anyone over threatening to sue. 

“There is no legality of that case so far. Unless the Attorney General is the complainant against Bad Black. But it is still a court case,” he said.

Background of the feud

Bad Black recorded a COVID-19 advert cautioning sex workers countrywide against getting close to the truck drivers, which could result in the transmission of the virus. The Advert has been airing on almost all local TV and radio stations.

Recently, she (Bad Black) came out and demanded the money she claims the Ministry of Health officials promised to give her. 

However, the Ministry of Health disputed the claim, saying she did the work for free.


Ministry of Health clarifies that Bad Black services were for free
Bad Black to Drag Gov’t to Court over Unpaid Covid-19 Advert

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