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Lockdown will be lifted after studying environment

KAMPALA— President Yoweri Museveni, now addressing the country on the Coronavirus pandemic says taking nationwide measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus was significant and has thanked Ugandans for responding with a positive attitude.

He particularly thanks “the security forces for enforcing those measures”, and also thanking “Ugandans for fighting this war by listening to advice”.

Hundreds of people have been arrested for defying the measures put in place in Uganda to stave off the coronavirus spread.

Uganda has registered 79 cases of coronavirus by Tuesday, April 28.

A breakdown of this statistic includes 52 Ugandans, one Canadian, one Indian resident, two Chinese, 1 Burundian, nine Kenyans and 13 Tanzanians.

As many as 12,389 people tested in Uganda have been found to be negative of coronavirus.

Uganda’s approach of “keeping quiet and listening” has led to no new cases registered within the society for the last one week.

This, according to the President, could mean three possibilities:

One, there are no more cases in the country – “and that would be wonderful news”.
Second, the people are being infected but they are not getting sick.
Third, some of the people are dying from an underlying disease, but people do not know that coronavirus has contributed to their demise. To find out the cause here, “our people are using verbal autopsy”.

“In these remaining days, our experts are going to study more,” says Mr. Museveni

About an hour before President Museveni’s delivery, health ministery delivered a dollop of good news to the nation.

The Ministry tweeted that five people who had been infected with coronavirus have been discharged, bringing to 52 the cumulative total number of recoveries in Uganda

It is absolutely suicidal to ban cargo!

President Museveni has said that banning cargo from entering the country “is absolutely suicidal” and ‘unnecessary’.

“Until the train is fully operational, I appeal to Ugandans to swallow your anger and employ amagezi [wisdom]. Stopping cargo is [not only] suicidal but also unnecessary,” argued President Museveni who is delivering his 12th address.

“I say it is suicidal because, if we stop cargo, how will our coffee (and cotton, tea, cotton, milk, cement from the factories and food) move?”

“Secondly, my point is, it is not necessary,” adds the President, pointing to the revised directive that long-distance trucks must have only one occupant – the driver – as opposed to the initial three.

“This is safer.”

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