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Lawyer Kamukama stings Bobi Wine and People Power

People Power is a tribalist enclave led by some Baganda puritans and vigilantes who feel that non Baganda are a threat to their power. It has lost it from its inception. 

The new campaign generated from within itself to malign the non- baganda within is a tip of an iceberg

Bobi Wine himself has failed this rag-tag group. From his *twebelelemu* to his persistent attacks against KB yet surrounding himself with political dwarfs like Abed Bwanika shows that People Power is on a self-destruction mission.

I implore people of good standing like Benjamin Katana who is a proven leader to rethink their political path.

Dissent led by a simple minded reactionary, and sectarian chauvinist ends up derailing the well intentioned cause of the noble men in it.

Bobi wine can do better by changing himself first and people power next before he can realistically ascend to the stage and lead a well perceived justifiable cause.

I would rather stay with a *tolerant dictator* than swapping him with a politically half-baked reactionary!

Kamukama David

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