Kayihura to Face Treason Charges-Andrew Mwenda

Dismissed Inspector General of police Kale Kayihura might face treason charges according to Andrew Mwenda.

“I know Kayihura might be charged with treason but he did his work. He was very royal to his boss unfortunately he created many enemies,” Mwenda noted.

Mwenda said that he knew Museveni was going to fire Kayihura last year during the funeral of fallen AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, when Museveni said that police was infiltrated by criminals.

Mwenda says that Museveni was briefed by his intelligence that he must first neutralize all Kayihura’s royalists in police and in the public.

“That’s why you saw these police officers being arrested on false information that they were spying for Rwanda. The military police which Museveni trusts alot arrested Kittatta and bodaboda 2010 members who would have demonstrated over Museveni’s firing of Kayihura,” Mwenda said.

He revealed that Museveni made a good choice to put Sabiiti Muzeeyi as the deputy IGP whom he trusts a lot with Okoth Ochola, who is a typical police officer, as the head. He noted that Ochola is going to behave like vice president Kiwanuka Ssekandi.

Mwenda predicted that if president Museveni doesn’t deploy Kayihura very quickly, he will prosecute him for treason charges. Museveni will base on the intelligence report given to him by ISO to charge Kayihura for spying for Rwanda in Uganda.

Mwenda’s Comments were supported by Investigative journalist Titus Seruga who wrote, “I advise Paul Kagame to take this Bean-weevil and give it a job in Rwanda as soon as possible or else it’s not going to like what’s coming its way.

Yesterday, my informants/whistle blowers whom I protect under the whistle blowers act, shared with me a confidential file that fully implicates General Kayihura in a master plan to illegally, through violence take over power, suspend parliament and the constitution until further notice.

It’s a 200 pages document and I’m going to take the honours of declassifying this document. I am aware that during this time my life will be at high risk since this document contains evidence of Rwanda’s funding of insurgents in Uganda, terror activities, propaganda and European murders, high profile assassinations, it also talks about the majority of victims in Kibwetere massacre and where Kibwetere ran to.

I will post everything as it appears without editing a word. This document is highly classified and was the basis of Kayihura’s firing and the resulting Bean weevil comment.

Crimes committed against Ugandans were not committed on the basis of tribe, colour, political party affiliation but to all Ugandans without discrimination for the sole aim of taking over leadership by creating a failed state in all aspects.”



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