Kampala Traders set for strike

Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) is dragging power distributor UMEME, land lords and their agents to court for illegally billing traders by inflating power unit prices.

According to the traders, they are being charged twice as much as the legally recommended national unit price something the traders say is abnormal and needs to be checked.

The traders through their chairman, Everest Kayondo say, they have complained to UMEME and nothing has been done which has now forced them to seek court’s help over the matter, Kayondo says, they are paying over 1200/= per unit which figure is two times higher compared to the original price for a unit, this was said in their meeting held at JBK plaza in Kampala.

They also want foreigners out of petty trading and instead concentrate in manufacturing because they are suffocating natives who are also engaged in businesses now done by foreigners especially Chinese and Indians.

They now want them to invest in huge businesses like industries, hospitals which can employ more Ugandans rather than engaging in wholesale and retail businesses just like Ugandans.


We Are Closing Our Businesses Come 20th This Month

KACITA also announced a peaceful strike come 20th of this month over the Prime Minister’s failure together with the land and housing ministry, to table the landlord and tenants bill 2013 before parliament for debate despite numerous reminders from the traders.

In a heated meeting held in Kampala chaired by the trader’s chairman, Everest Kayondo, traders showed a letter from the speaker detailing how efforts to have the bill tabled before parliament were frustrated by the two ministries and it’s upon this matter that she advised them to demonstrate before the two entities rather than parliament.

Still, the traders are threatening to strike over the continued frustration of smooth running of business by URA top managers whom they accuse of levying heavy taxes on traders, something traders say is killing businesses as well as affecting tax collection in the country.

The angry traders mentioned one commissioner Katesumbwa for being behind all this dirty work that involves holding traders’ cargo in customs coupled with imposing heavy taxes on their imports.


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