Kakoba Division Leaders threaten to sue Mbarara Municipal Council over 800m Property Tax Cash

Mbarara. Kakoba Division Leaders have threatened to take to court its mother Council the Mbarara Municipal council over 800m Property Tax money which they claim that the center has denied to pay back to the division as 75% property Tax.

According to the Leaders of the same council led by Chairman LC 3 Kakoba Division Hajj Abas Kazibwe, said that the municipality Leaders and Technocrats especially the Town Clerk Edward Lwanga have totally denied intentionally to pay over 800m as the balance that was supposed to be paid as property Tax to the division. This outcry occurred in the council meeting at Kakoba Division held last week.

The Division Leaders accuse the Municipal Town Clerk and the Mayor Robert Kakyebezi for conniving and dismiss over 800m out of 1.9b that was supposed to be given to the Kakoba Division, but to their surprise the financial year 2017-2018 ended but the division was only given 205m.

Kakoba Division Leaders claim that they made an agreement with the center Council which is the Mbarara Municipal Council that out of 100% property Tax, 75% must be given back to the division and then the Center remains with only 25% which the Center has failed to respond.

Chairman Kazibwe further accused the municipality Leaders that even the balance they remained they have not used it to deliver services, so there is a worry that that money might have been swindled by some of the big fish at municipal HEAD Quarters.

Kakoba Division Chairman Hajj Abas Kazibwe in council meeting recently

Therefore, Kakoba Division Leaders want the Town Clerk Lwanga, the Mayor Kakyebezi and some other individuals in the municipality to explain where the over 800m went, or be taken to court a bid to vomit their money.

The motion to sue municipal council was raised by Kakoba ward councilor Robert Koyekyenga who insisted to know where their balance on Property Tax money went. He claimed that it seems some leaders at municipal council dismissed this money which they must explain how it went.

In the same council meeting councilors resolved to form a committee from Kakoba Division which will start investigate the municipal council how this more than 800m was used by the center, and the committee was given only one week to come up with a report if the municipality fail to account and answer this money went they must be taken to court.

In the council meeting councilors also resolved to form an Association of Property Owners which will always help the division to investigate how property tax money will be used by the municipality/ the Center.

But when we contacted the Mayor Kakyebezi, he said that there are policies regarding to the Property Tax Money how it should be shared by the center/ municipality and the Division which the division Leaders must first learn or understand. He said that as the Mayor he doesn’t have much to explain on Property Tax Money that instead it should be the Town Clerk to respond to them how this money got used because he is the accounting Officer.

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