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Jose Chameleone dumps DP picks People Power forms to contest for Kampala Lord Mayor

The Democratic Party (DP) national mobiliser and singer Jose Chameleone has picked People Power nomination forms to contest for Kampala Lord Mayor in the forthcoming general election in 2021.

Chameleone, (legal name Joseph Mayanja), had officially joined DP in July last year and the party president Norbert Mao appointed him as a national mobiliser for the green political outfit.

Explaining away his previous public allegiance to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), Chameleone told a DP congregation on his unveiling that his family had always been DP members including his grandparents.

He said then, “I was only there (in NRM) because of my popularity. I was just hired but I swear and you can trace my roots. I am DP.”

Although he had officially joined DP, Chameleone never stopped associating with the People Power movement after declaring his intentions of run for the Kampala Lord Mayor slot in the 2021 elections. On Friday morning, he picked People Power nomination forms at their head offices in Kamwokya to run against incumbent Erias Lukwago

In his speech, Chameleone said that he was inspired by the People Power ideals as espoused by Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine who asked him to side with the people and not NRM.

Chameleone said the turning point came when, “I was going to the USA for business and he (Bobi Wine) was also heading there for treatment. He told me that the power is with the people and that it was time for us to take on leadership. When we reached, I thought about it a lot and realised that I wasn’t any different from the oppressed.”

Chameleone asked People Power supporters not to discriminate against him because he has been screened by the People Power leadership for almost a year and they’ve realised that, he is indeed with the people.

The ‘Baliwa’ singer said that it is time for the youth to take control of not just their country, but their city as well.

“We are going to add more sugar. I have never fought a war and failed to see it to its end. Let us work together,” the singer said.

The People Power election committee however reaffirmed that, picking nomination forms is not confirmation that one will represent the movement in the election.

Mercy Walukamba, who the is the Chairperson of the People Power National election management committee said that, “Expression of interest should not be construed as confirmation of People Power flag bearer ship as candidates have to apply, be vetted, confirmed, and unveiled to the public for recognition.”

Walukamba said that the People Power election committee reserves the right to declare the red beret flag bearers, meaning that Chameleone will have to wait for confirmation.

According to Chameleone’s spokesperson, Stuart Kagoro, Chameleone’s allegiance with the People Power movement does not mean that he has abandoned his position in DP.

According to Kagoro, Chameleone will work with resourceful persons from all parties who share the goal on the common mission to bring about change in Kampala.

Kagoro said, “While DP could deliver independently, they also believe in integration. Therefore, it is accurate that the person of Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone will stand to represent values of the DP.”

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