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Isingiro Woman MP attacks CAO, Speaker on Womens day celebrations

Mbararara. The Isingiro District Woman Member of Parliament Justine Ayebazibwe Kashaisha has on Tuesday attacked and condemned the District CAO Alice Asiimwe and Speaker Amos Naturinda and his councilors for misusing the money that was budgeted for women’s Day function.

While speaking on the function at Kamubizi Town Council in Kikagati Isingiro where the district Women’s day Function held this Tuesday, MP Ayebazibwe told off the CAO Asiimwe, District Speaker Naturinda, some other officers and councilors. She accused them that they were supposed to release 4m to fund the function as it was resolved through the council, but to her surprise as District only released 2m instead of 4m for the function.

As she was addressing the masses at the function she attacked CAO Asiimwe and her group to stop undermining women functions and projects. MP Ayebazibwe accuses CAO for deceiving the people at the function that she released 4m as funding meant for organizing the function.

“Madam CAO you are deceiving people that as district you gave us 4m, from where, we only received 2m, why don’t you show us the person you gave that money!” said MP Ayebazibwe.

Ayebazibwe added, that she was told that district spent part of the budgeted money for Women’s day function and used it for a party to send off the former CAO Jonath Eswelu when he was transferred from Isingiro.

Isingiro District CAO Alice Asiiwme(left) seated with RDC Herbet Muhangiin the middle

“Of all the budgets of the district, why do you choose to spend our money to send off the former CAO?” Ayebazibwe says.

According to certain sources, it is alleged that CAO released 4m as it was budgeted for, but then after, the money was diverted and the 2m was shared amongst the district councilors.

There was also a plot that councilors wanted to demonstrate if they don’t get those two millions. On that day it is alleged that Councilors who were about 25, every councilor got 50,000=. It is said that all councilors whether present or absent on that function had to get their share as well.

Speaking to the Speaker Amos Naturinda, he said that every women’s day function councilors are paid total facilitation to a total tune of 2m.Therefore if the CAO released only 4m they had to cut off their two millions transport facilitation for councilors.

MP further condemned some district officials especially from those offices in charge of Women and Youth funds, that they swindle those funds. She gave an example a certain group of Youth from Isingiro Town Council that the group was supposed to receive 13m but it only received 4m. She therefore asked the CAO and the RDC to intervene and investigate such matters for Nakalema comes in.

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