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Illegal construction in Mbarara Central Market discovery shocks Authorities

Mbarara. There is scandal of illegal construction that has been discovered within the ongoing Project of Mbarara Central Market that has left leaders questioning each other to find out how a small portion of land was left out and sold off.

This comes after finding out that when ROKO constructors started constructing at Central Market, there is a portion/ piece of Land that was left out. According to our sources, that small Land that was left out it is now being developed illegally after several allegations that it has been sold off secretly.

Councilor Asiimwe Ntengye (left) the Chairman of investigative committee

Sources say that the land that was left out, it is now being developed by unknown people putting on some other Lock-ups. It is also alleged that they are four storied lock-ups that are planned to be constructed on that piece of Land. This Land is located in the corner of Central Market beside Market Square along Garage Street/Bishop Wills Street.

According to our sources, it is alleged that this piece of land was secretly sold off by some Municipal Council officials. It is also alleged that it was sold to a city tycoon whose identification is still concealed. However, two people have been spotted by our sources but not yet confirmed the exact person who could have bought or cracked the deal. Among the two who were identified by the sources are Nickolas Asiimwe (Nickoz) and Everest Begumisa from Rwampara. These Tycoons have several times been seen with some of these councilors who are suspected to have sold.

Sources that landed to us say that the deal of selling was cracked by some councilors who were selected by the council to head an investigative committee to probe council lands. This committee is led by Asiimwe Ntengye as the Chairman. It is alleged that since this committee was formed no any report has been made towards their investigation findings. In the last council, the same committee had brought their report on the floor of the council but fellow councilors trashed it out saying it was incomplete and vague. Hence, they were advised to revise their report again before bringing it back to council.

Some other councilors on this committee Imerida Nyamwija, Godfrey Tumusiime, Naboth Mugasi, Imam Kagiko and others. This group is said to be the one that sold off that piece of land in central market. Few days ago, three councilors among the group were seen at the same land supervising the process of construction and these were led by the committee chairman Ntengye.

Apparently, the construction on that Land is ongoing though it is said that the RDC of Mbarara had stopped any developments on that portion of land.  Construction at this Land is under AKRO Contractors Co. Ltd. This is the same company that has a contract with the other group of Private kiosk owners who are also constructing for their own in the same market. 

While speaking to the Mayor Robert Kakyebezi, he confirmed that it’s true that there are some councilors who were involved in the selling of that piece of land that was left out on the central market construction.

Kakyebezi added that this piece of land that is talked about is not on Land Title of the market, that when central market land was being surveyed it was found that this small piece of land was out of Title. “Hence, as Leaders of the municipality we are not part of that land scandal since it is not under central Market Land title. Let if these councilors found guilty be arrested because they the most people who have been running after me” said Kakyebezi.   

“That is a public land not a municipal council land, therefore let the Lands services commission intervene” he added.   

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