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I want my NUP party back: Kibalama tells Bobi Wine

Moses Nkonge Kibalama, the man who ceded National Unity Platform (NUP) to Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has back turned, now claims he wants the party back because Bobi Wine has not kept his promise.

In a video on social media, Kibalama claims he made a number of mistakes in transferring the party to Bobi, including accepting certain promises without double thinking

He for instance claims that he was given an offer as ‘good as $5m (Shs 18billion)” for handing over the party.

“Of course when someone turns up with an offer as good as $5m anybody would go with it. That is how we fell into the trap, it was a good promise and we hoped so, but since we had not worked with this group we did not know them until we got closer and saw for ourselves,” Kibalama claimed.

He also contends that the inclusion of people power pressure group diverted the agenda of the party, something he wants rectified.

Kibalama adds that he had been promised a number of pleasantries including commercial enterprises he had registered.

“They promised me that since they were coming in power, they would be able to license my enterprises. So when they gave us very good promises, we chose to take them on hoping for that good offer to come our way. We had an expectation of about $5m,” he said.

Among the enterprises Kibalama claims wanted licensed include; Export- Import Bank Uganda Ltd, Kafu City free trade zone among others.

Kibalama however says the promises were not documented and there was no formal or legal understanding with Bobi and team and the agreement was completely on mutual understanding.

He also claims that Bobi Wine and team promised them top political positions in the party, but have not seen any yet.

“When we took on the venture, we thought it would materialise. We hoped they would expedite the payment but we did not see the money and it became a problem, we regretted the deal,” he said.

“It is totally useless to work with such a team,” Kibalama added.

Asiimwe Paul, 39 a former Secretary General of National Unity Platform before Kyagulanyi leadership, also claims he participated in the process that gave leadership to Bobi Wine in the party.

“We were reached by the People Power team when they expressed interest to work with us, having tried all areas in established parties and failed they came to us with promises heaven on earth,” Asiimwe said.

He says that the marriage started breaking when a number of promises in the MoU failed to materialise.

He accuses Bobi Win group of abrogating the party constitution in the shortest time possible.

“What is disturbing is the internal mechanism, the party had its objectives and the ways. When you look at the way things are being done now, then we realise it was a wrong move.”

He said Bobi and his group continued promising that the money is coming from their funders, but until today, it is the same song.

But in a statement NUP said Kibalama’s claims should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

They said that he is a crook.

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