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“I am not a traitor, I am a businessman”- Ronald Mayinja

Local artiste, Ronald Mayinja, has urged the public to stop hurling insults at him for composing a campaign song for NRM’s Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Mayinja’s song, Akalulu, has put him in the cross hairs of opposition supporters who accuse him of hoodwinking them because a few months ago, he was officially unveiled as a member of National Unity Platform (NUP).

NUP is led by Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine.

“Akalulu” praises President Museveni on his achievements for the country and urges people to vote for him in 2021.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Mayinja said those abusing him [for composing the song] must know that he is a businessman, out to make a living through music.

“That wasn’t a song, it was an advert. Recently I came out and informed the public that I am not going to contest in 2021 general election because I didn’t have enough money to run the campaign therefore I went back to singing as my career,”he said.

He admitted that recently a group of NRM supporters approached him to do an advert for their candidate (President Museveni) and as businessman, he couldn’t lose that chance.

Mayinja questioned whether businessmen and women in the country only sell their products to people affiliated to one political party, religion or to everybody.

“I don’t want to get involved in politics. I don’t want to look at someone’s religion when doing my business. I am an artist and singing is a business. I am not a traitor. After abandoning my dream to become a political leader, I had to go back to singing,”he said.

“As a business person, do you really need to be selective when selling your products? I think you have to sell your products to whoever comes to your shop. So even me, I want to work. Let’s not judge a person just like that.”

According to Mayinja, Ugandans should learn to differentiate business from politics adding that at the end of the day somebody needs to earn a living.

Mayinja’s song comes a few weeks to the start of the 2021 election campaigns and it is expected that the song will be used to canvass votes for President Museveni as he seeks another mandate to lead the country.

Early this year, Mayinja was criticised by Kyagulanyi’s supporters for meeting President Museveni at his Kisozi ranch although the singer denied the allegations.

He would later on January 8, 2020 launch his own movement called “Peace for All, All for peace” but it did not gain traction.

In a U-turn, the singer later joined the National Unity Platform and received his membership card from Kyagulanyi.

He apologised to Kyagulanyi and asked the all People Power supporters to forgive him.

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