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Gen. Muntu to remain in FDC, Prefers dialogue

Gen. Muntu to remain in FDC- Prefers dialogue

General Mugisha Muntu has defied speculation that he plans to leave the Forum for Democratic Change political party. At a press conference in Kampala on Wednesday morning, Gen. Muntu said he respects the outcome of the FDC leadership race, which he lost to Patrick Amuriat, but called for a party-wide consultative process about the direction of the party.

“We do not want to rush any decision,” Gen. Muntu said, surrounded by loyal members of the party, including Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, MP Winnie Kiiza, and FDC Chief Whip Semujju Nganda. “We want to make a considered decision,” he added, and said the consultations will start on Friday when he hands over office.

Gen. Muntu told journalists he remains a member of the party and would continue to mobilise the party’s supporters against planned amendments to the Constitution to amend the presidential age limit, as well as a proposal to ease compulsory acquisition of land by the state.

Muntu addressed a press conference at Hotel Africana, which had been extensively daubed as his “next move” after losing the presidential seat.

On Wednesday morning, some rumours started spreading that there was a likelihood of a formation of FDM-Forum for Democratic Movemment together with the likes of Hons. Matembe, Amanya Mushega, Augustine Ruzindana etc.

But Muntu, flanked by several FDC members of Parliament including the Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza and opposition Whip Semujju Nganda allayed fears of peeling off the opposition party, enabling a sign of relief among the party members.

Instead he announced that he will be engaging in talks with the President elect of the FDC Hon Patrick Amuriat Oboi, in a dialogue process that commences this Friday when Muntu officially hands over office.

Muntu said he respected the decision of the FDC delegates to vote him out of office.

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