Gen. Mugisha Muntu and 27 FDC MPs to form a Political Party

The Forum for Democratic Change could be headed for tough political times, as senior party leader led and former Party President General Gregory Mugisha Muntu is leading a breakaway faction from Najjanankumbi. Unconfirmed reports indicate that General Muntu and 26 MPs are walking away to form their own Political Party.

Another source within the camp indicate that the team met in one of the hotels in Kampala and agreed that for them to look smart, they agreed to first let General Muntu complete his country wide tour which is ending this week and break the news at the end of the end of this month.

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Patrick Obo Amuriat (POA) defeated Gen.Muntu to in the last hotly constested FDC presidency where Dr. Besigye campaigned for POA. The election left Muntu supporters devastated. POA campaigned on the ticket of winning by defiance while Muntu on building party structures. This was a clear indication that defiance won.

Difference in Ideology

Within in FDC, there has been two ideologies one led by the former FDC President and Presidential Candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye and another one led by moderate Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu.

Muntu camp always preferred building party structures and compete with NRM’s Museveni with the hope to attract independent minded Ugandans who don’t like NRM and Museveni, but fear FDC’s confrontational Besigye camp. Dr. Besigye’s camp

Andrew Mwenda, a prominent Journalist was quoted “For two years now, I have argued on this platform that FDC has been captured by an intolerant, anti-democratic and very uncouth faction of radical extremists led by opposition presidential candidate for life, Dr. Kizza Besigye,” he remarked. He accused the radical members of FDC for employing politics of blackmail and intimidation.

Mwenda goes ahead to say “These radical extremists believe in a politics of blackmail, insults, lies and intimidation to get their way. They represent a worse alternative to President Yoweri Museveni’s politics of corruption and patronage.”

He observed that FDC only focused on consolidating the already bagged base at the expense of creating new frontiers

Muntu’s chances

A hardened combatant who fled to the bush to join the ranks of NRA guerrillas at a tender age, Muntu appeals to the youthful generation and the so-called silent majority.

In the 2011 elections, there were 13.95 million registered voters, but only 8.2m turned out to vote. In 2016, out of 15,277,198 registered voters, only 9,701,738 voted, representing 63.50 per cent turnout.

This means 5,575,460 voters stayed away from the elections.

If this silent majority can be rallied by Muntu to throw its weight behind him, the former FDC leader stands a high chance of isolating Besigye and challenging Museveni’s hold onto power

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