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Extending Presidential, MPs Term to 7 Years is Illegal- Lawyers

This illegality will be challenged in the constitution court. The leading Constitution lawyer and a Law Don at Makerere University Prof John Jean Barya has already indicated intentions to challenge the amendment once the president has assented to it to become law. He argues that all leaders were elected on a term of years therefore any extension will have to be decided by voters through a referendum.

Some other lawyers have argued that while amendment of article 77 of the constitution is legally acceptable, its construction to extend the current term is un constitutional and a violation of article 1 of the constitution. The people of Uganda exercised their mandate and voted in leaders for 5 years. Extending the current term to 7 years actually suspends the right of Ugandans to elect their leaders City Lawyer Kamukama David said.

In an unprecedented and historic move, the Ugandan Parliament on Thursday night voted to extend the presidential and MPs terms of office from five to seven years.

This was after the Age Limit Bill went through the Third Reading the final stage of the law making process before the passed Bill is sent to the President for assent

After over 10 hours of debating, the House reinstated the presidential terms in the Constitution by passing clause 105 of the widely publicized Bill.

The clause states that, A person shall not hold office as President for more than two terms.

Michael Tumusiime (NRM, Mbarara Municipality) moved the motion to have term of Parliament, President, all other elective positions increased to 7years, with effect from current Parliament.

Earlier, the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs recommended the re-instatement of a two term limit for presidents.

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