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Eucalyptus tree planting in Buhweju district is likely to cause hunger

The Minister of State for Environment Mary Goretti Kitutu has expressed concern over increased eucalyptus tree planting in Buhweju district which she says will lead to food shortage in the area.

Minister Kitutu while leading a team of new board members of National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) in Buhweju yesterday noted many people in the area have only concentrated on tree planting leaving out growing of food crops for their families.

She directed the district environment officer to work with community members to ensure they reduce on the growing of eucalyptus trees.

Cows grazing in reclaimed wetland along side eucalyptus trees in Buhweju

The minister condemned people who have encroached on wetlands by turning them into farms asking them to keep few animals which they can graze on their small pieces of land instead of encroaching on wetlands.

Meanwhile, the RDC Buhweju Emmy Katera Turyabagyenyi notes there is laxity by political leaders in protecting the environment as most of the work is left to a few leaders.

Turyabagyenyi highlights the need to revise environmental laws noting that some people who are arrested for encroaching on the environment are later released without punishment.

Saverino Ahibisibwe one of the victim who was encroaching wetlands says the wetlands restored are now helping them in rainfall receiving.

Some of the restored wetlands in Buhweju include Kanyabukanja and Nyakishwojwa among others.

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