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Electoral Commission advised to Suspend Elections

The Electoral Commission (EC) has been asked to suspend elections until the ground is leveled for Presidential candidates to canvass for support.

An independent elections expert Crispin Kaheru said that an electoral process that is not peaceful may ultimately be difficult to prove as credible with incidents of violence at hand in different parts of the country.

“We have failed the test of a ‘hybrid election’ amidst Covid-19 pandemic.  It is therefore prudent that the Electoral Commission suspends physical campaigns with immediate effect until such a point when the body regains full control of the electoral environment.  Life is more important than elections,” he said.

He urged stakeholders including politicians, their supporters, security agencies, and non-state actors to remain alive to the reality that this is an election and not a war.

At least three people have died and 40 have been injured after protests erupted in Uganda following the arrest of National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi.

Protestors in Kampala city and some parts of the country blocked roads and burned tyres, while police and the military responded by firing tear gas and live bullets.

The protestors in various parts of the country, also directly attacked people and the security personnel. In the course of exchange, some people lost their lives, property was destroyed and scores of people were injured in various parts of the country.

UN independent expert on democracy Dr Livingstone Sewanyana called upon Ugandans to avoid bloodshed.

“Stop the senseless killings. Ugandans deserve better. Avoid bias and use of excessive force. Those who are committing abuses against the population must face the law,” Sewanyana tweeted.

Sewanyana’s role involves examining the state on their democratic and development practices and submit a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva and the UN General assembly in New York on an annual basis

The Police justified Kyagulanyi’s arrest for his continued violations of the Electoral Commission and Ministry of Health guidelines, during the political campaigns.

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