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Dr. Karema, Chairman JB Bamuturaki warn Opposition Leaders on illegal rallies

Mbarara Senior Citizen, Dr. Nathan Karema, of Mbarara Community Hospital has condemned the increasing confrontations between police and opposition political leaders and their errant followers.

While commenting on the recent political environment where the People Power supporters were seen trying to fight police during the riot in Kampala, Doctor Karema, has called the general public and political leaders to always respect police and follow its guidelines.

Karema said these while he was speaking to our Reporter this week as a political adviser and a Senior Citizen in Mbarara District. He further warned some Opposition Leaders especially the People Power initiator Hon. Kyaguranyi Ssentamo and FDC die harder Dr. Kiiza Besigye, that they should always follow police orders before they hold their rallies and they feel their rights are being denied, they can always further their grievances to courts of law.

Dr. Karema raised his concern following the recent riot that happened in Mbarara where FDC Leaders and supporters fought against police as they were blocked to hold a rally in Kijungu at Nyamityobora play ground in Kakoba Division. This riot occurred few weeks ago when police blocked Besigye and his team when they were heading to hold illegal rally in Mbarara without police consent. This caused a fight between police and FDC supporters at Mbarara High Street as teargas and bullets were fired to disperse the rioters. 

Police Spraying water onto FDC supporters along side Dr. Bisigye on High Street Mbarara recently

This follows the recent statements that were made by Mbarara District Chairman Capt. JB Tusiime Bamuturaki, when he said that as far as he is still the district chairman, he will not tolerate People Power with “Kyarenga” or any other opposition agitators in Mbarara.

Bamuturaki raised this when he was addressing people at Mbarara District Women’s Day which held in Biharwe Division last week. “As Mbarara District Leaders and as NRM leaders we don’t want Kyarenga here to disturb our people and our police as well. Kyarenga namunagani” Bamuturaki said.   


 Dr. Besigye, Amuriat blocked to hold a Rally meeting in Mbarara

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