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Deputy Mayor Bemanya and Kakoba LC 3 Boss Rivalry over Elderly Polls deepens

Mbarara. The rivalry between the Mbarara City Deputy Mayor Francisco Bemanya and Kakoba Division Boss Habas Kazibwe has turned into beef as the dou are fighting for the councillorship representing elders in the City Council.

According to the sources, the dou currently cannot see eye to eye because of the rivalry between them.

On 20th October Kazibwe was elected as the City councilor NRM Flag bearer for elders in the NRM electoral colleges where he was selected by a number of 25 elders.

Kazibwe was earlier in the race against Bemanya who withdrew from the race on 19th October 2020 having realized that his opponent was bribing electorates days before election.

Bemanya was in the same race with Kazibwe but he later wrote to the Mbarara City Registrar withdrawing from the race.

He said that he couldn’t continue participating in the NRM Electoral colleges when his opponent was busy buying the elders and for him he did not have all that money to buy the same electorates who were already bribed. He further claimed that he withdrew out of the election because the structures which were going to vote them on 20th October, he learnt that they were manipulated and they were not the right people to vote.

Bemanya is the City Councilor representing Elders in the Mbarara City Council and he doubles as the Mbarara District NRM Chairman though he came in Mbarara City Council as an Independent in 2016 while Kazibwe is currently the LC 3 Chairman for Kakoba Division.

According to the structures for the next general election, only 10 elders are supposed to vote. They have selected 5 elders from each division of Mbarara City North and Mbarara City South.

Speaking to our reporter this week, Bemanya said that he is an NRM but he couldn’t trust the recent election of NRM electoral colleges instead he has decided to come as an independent where he think his elders will vote him fairly.

Kakoba LCIII Charman, Hajji Abas Kazibwe in a council meeting

MabaraCity News talking to Kazibwe, he had no kind words for his opponent.  Bemanya feared the NRM polls because he knew he had no support from the elders.

He added that  Bemanya’s decision to come as an independent will not help him because most of the Elders are NRM and they will still vote an NRM candidate.

Francisco Bemanya (L) with Kakyebezi

Kazibwe denied allegations that he bribed the elders in recent NRM electoral colleges polls, that elders voted him willingly.

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