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Covid-19 Curfew: People must be home by 7:00pm

Everybody should be at home by 7:00pm, officials from the joint security taskforce largely charged with the implementation and enforcement of President Yoweri Museveni’s directive and measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), have said. The spokesperson of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), Brig. Richard Karemire, said nobody should move after the stipulated time.

“It means no movement from 7:00pm. Stay indoors,” the UPDF spokesman said yesterday. The spokesperson of the Inter-Agency Joint Security Taskforce, Lt Col Deo Akiiki, who is also the UPDF deputy Spokesperson, said nobody is allowed to move during the curfew, except security personnel and cargo vehicles. “No movement of anyone from 7:00pm to 7:00am, except cargo vehicles and security. Not even bodabodas,” Akiiki told Mbarara City News yesterday

The country’s National Security Council last week set up an Inter-Agency Joint Security Taskforce headed by the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, Lt. Gen. Wilson Mbadi, to support the health ministry in combating COVID-19 in thecountry. As part of the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19in the country, Museveni imposed a curfew throughout the country

Except for cargo planes, Lorries, pick-ups and trains, starting with March 31, 2020, at 7:00pm (Saa moja yausiku), there will be a curfew throughout the whole of Uganda,” Museveni said on Monday. “All other movements should stop. Let people stay indoors in their homes except for the cargo transporters. The exception of cargo transporters does not apply to the bodabodas, tuk-tuks or bicycles during the duration of the curfew. Those should only operate during day light hours,” he added, saying that in the case of unavoidable health issues such as mothers in child birth or very sick people, permission should be sought from the RDC to use private transport to take such people to hospitals.

The health Pinistry permanent Secretary, DrDiana Atwine, yesterday asked exempted staff, especially medical workers and critical service providers linked to hospitals to forward the details of their vehicles for road movement clearance.


By today morning, the global index showed that there are 860,942 registered COVID-19 cases, 42,364 deaths, while 178,538 people had recovered. Within the East African Community, Rwanda had registered 70 COVID-19 cases, Kenya 50, Tanzania 19 and Uganda 44

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