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Court denies a bail two suspects in Councilor Katurebe’s case

Mbarara. Court in Mbarara led by the new Grade One Chief Magistrate Samuel Twakire on Wednesday denied bail for the two suspects who were arrested for pouring acid on Councilor Amos Katurebe on 8th of November 2017.

While appearing in court, the two applied for a bail and the State Attorney Anthony Kurugishuri challenged and advised the chief Magistrate not to give bail to the suspects. He gave the reason that it was very difficult to arrest these suspects and that once released from the Prison they will disappear forever.

This came after one the of the suspects Kizito Don Baryayesima appealed to the court through his Lawyer aseeking bail as he explained that he has a Liver complication which he has failed to get treatment from inside the prison therefore he wants court to give him bail for him to seek treatment from outside the prison.

After his appeal, State Attorney claimed that the Baryayesima should stop deceiving the magistrate that the Prison cannot handle his Health condition. He said that Mbarara prisons have got Health centers where every prisoner receives medication from inside the prisons.

State Attorney Kurugishuri also stated that once these suspects are released on bail they will interfere with investigations in this case. Apparently they are five suspects accused of pouring acid on councilor Katurebe. These five suspects, three are in jail including one who was sentenced to 20 years in jail, another one who is the speaker of Mbarara is out of prison on bail and his brother a UPDF Soldier is on the run.

Magistrate later adjourned the case up to Thursday for him to prepare a ruling on bail application. Then on Thursday at 10:00am the court resumed for the same case and it’s when he decided not to give bail to the two and adjourned the until 7th of Match 2018 as investigations are still going on.

According to the information about the life of councilor Katurebe who is in Mengo Hospital indicate that he is in critical conditions as his wounds on face are continue to worsen.


Mbarara Municipality Speaker arrested for attempted murder



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