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Councilor want Sex Workers included in the Mbarara City Budget

Mbarara. There was drama as Mbarara City Councilors ask the City Clerk to make sure council considers sex workers in the coming financial year budget and be engaged in the Myoga money and budget planning.

The issue of sex workers was raised by one of the City Councilor Lay Canon Joseline Kemirembe during the Budget Conference that was held this Wednesday at Adit Mall.

Kemirembe asked the planning committee led by the City Clerk Theophilus Tibihika to make sure they include the sex workers at Mbarara Club Memory and ones in Kijungu that they should also be considered and be given some projects that can convince them to abandon prostitution vice.

Kemirembe added that it’s so unfortunate that those girls at Memory have never been helped or considered by this Council.

“That there must be a program from this Council that will cater for these girls to support them in developing themselves”, said Kemirembe

She added that these girls sell their bodies because they have no option.

 Kemirembe is a new Councilor in Mbarara City Council, she has been a councilor in Mbarara District Council.

While responding to the issue of sex workers, Tibihika said that it may not be possible to budget for the sex workers because it’s not easy to convince them to quit their work they are used tor.

He added that sex workers are not easy to deal with because for them they are used to ‘everyday earning’ from the men so council cannot do much.

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