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Comedian Martha Kay nude photos released

By now, perhaps every Ugandan with a smartphone knows who socialite Martha Kay is. Before May 31, 2019, Martha Kay was simply known as the range Rover girl. Since Friday morning, social media has been buzzing with Martha Kay’s nude photos allegedly leaked by her vengeful boyfriend

Socialite Martha Kemigisha Kagimba aka Martha Kay is a comedienne, she does her thing on YouTube.

Martha Kay doubles as a photographer and actress. She has featured in movies like Bed of Thorns a Nabwiso Film that has other top guns like actress Sarah Kisawuzi and comedian Patrick Idringi among others.

Martha Kay, who is also known as the Range Rover Gal after her Range Rover video went viral added another year to her age on May 22. She graduated from Uganda Christian University in Mass Communication.

During the time of the boat accident that left over 30 dead last year, Martha happened to be by the waters, though on a different boat, many of her fans reached out to her to find out if she was well..

“Hi fam, I am safe and unharmed. I woke up to so many calls and texts, thank you so much for the care, I was on a different boat.”

Martha Kay

MARTHA Kay has always had a thing for singer Ykee Benda and her best song from his music is Singa. In the days leading up to the Singa concert, Martha was one of the top fans that hyped up the concert and rallying her fans to buy tables for the concert. 

She once bumped into Ykee at an event and what followed next was a photo moment, the comedienne loved the moment as Ykee put his hand around her waist. 

For the last 48 hours, Martha Kay has been trending on social media after her birthday pics found their way on the internet. TV shows were having a feast day over the issue. NBSAfter5, and UNCUT show could not miss featuring Martha Kay and this morning, the Talk and Talk show took off some minutes talking about the pics.

Martha is yet to comment on the developments as to whether the pics leaked as a result of a stolen phone or otherwise, but short of that, the comedienne has some strong lines off her wall that get her going and certainly what she is using to keep strong during these times.

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”

“When you can’t control what happens around you, challenge yourself to control the way in which you react/respond. That is where your true power lies.”

The above lines get her going, though, some fans have told her not to worry as those stunts started and stopped with Desire Luzinda.

Some of the Social Media exchanges about the Martha Kay’s latest movie

Martha Kay who had lived in Haiti for some time before relocating back to Kampala, got her limelight breakout when her Range Rover video clip went viral. The attention she got thereafter seems to have shocked her too, going by what on Friday.

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