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Chairman Kazibwe curses Mayor Kakyebezi over his dictatorship

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20thDecember, 2017

All is still not well for the Mbarara Municipality Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi as his Division Chairmen are cursing him because of his dictatorship and underhand methods to undermine them in the course of service delivery to the people of Mbarara Municipality.

Chairman Hajji Abas Kazibwe in his Office at Kakoba Division

This was raise by the Kakoba Division Chairman Hajji Abas Kazibwe who is also the chairman of all Chairmen of Divisions under their Umbrella organization called Mbarara Municipal Council Division Association. While speaking in the council meeting of Kakoba Division that has held today in their council Hall, Kazibwe said that the failure of services delivery in his Division and Mbarara municipality at large is because of the mayor Kakyebezi who undermines Division chairmen and fail to meet them in a bid to plan for the Municipality.

Kazibwe uttered these after the councilors of his Division came up and complained over the property Tax which they say that the municipal council has cheated on them. While in the council meeting, councilors argued that they agreed with the council to share 50% on 100% property Tax which they collect from the Town. But what worries them is that council disappointed their agreement and as of now they receive only 35% on the money of property Tax from the council which they say that its not enough for a Division like Kakoba.

On top of that, council has made a resolution tasking chairman Kazibwe to approach mayor Kakyebezi and Town Clerk Edward Lwanga to come and meet these councilors in their council to explain over the raised issues.

In addition to that, chairman Kazibwe also accused Kakyebezi that himself (Kazibwe) requested him (the Mayor) to meet the Division Chairmen, but Kakyebezi replied him that they should stop disturbing him, that he will meet them when he feels but on his own wish without being stressed.

Kazibwe also noted that as chairmen of Division they have lasted over one and a half years without meeting the Mayor to raise their issues of their Divisions. He also accused Kakyebezi of not involving the Division Chairmen especially in service delivery in their Divisions. For example during the eviction of Central Market Venders, Kazibwe argued that as the Division chairman where central market was located he was not involved in the process unless he left a side as he kept watching as municipal council took charge. Mayor Kakebezi must involve us as Divisions chairmen to plan for Mbarara Municipality and our Divisions as well chairman Kazibwe stated.

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