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Chagga imprisoned, hunt for Weasel on

Goodlyfe manager, Kyagambiddwa Geoffrey, aka Chagga has been sent to Luweero jail fr six months after the late Moze Radio and Weasel failed to perform at a concert they were partly paid.

A Luweereo based promoter, Paul Kaliba entered into an agreement with the Goodlyfe singers, the late Moze Radio and Weasel to perform on Christmas day of, 2017, they failed to meet their part of the bargain after being paid Shs2.6Million out of the agreed 5.5Million.

According to the warrant of arrest dated May 29, 2018, the magistrate stated clearly that the two; Weasel and Chagga who were ordered to pay the sum of 18,272,000/- but failed were to be brought to the Chief Magistrate’s court in Luweero.

On the eve of Weasel’s birthday (Jun 13), Chagga was arrested and whisked to Luweero and the following day, the Big Papa Entertainment boss was in court before being remanded to Butuntumula prison in Luweero.

Chagga and Weasel arrest warrant issued by Luweero Chief magistrates Court

Several artists including Jose Chameleone, King Saha, Bobi Wine and Mesach Semakula among others, are working tirelessly to have their colleague rescued, they were even thinking of setting up a concert to raise funds, but the Luwero promoter, Paul Kaliba wants nothing to do with that, all he wants is his money claiming that he had already pumped so much in the planned concert that never took place.

Shortly after the death of Moze Radio, a Busia based promoter also wanted Weasel to perform after they were paid, but he told them of how he was yet to recover from the loss of his long term partner, Moze Radio, otherwise they also wanted to drag him to court.

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