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Bukomansimbi Woman MP cries after losing DP vote

Bukomansimbi Woman MP Veronica Nanyondo wailed until she couldn’t cry anymore. This was in her constituency last Friday after only 10% of the people she sponsored to participate in Democratic Party internal elections made it to the finishing line.

She faces strong competition for the DP flag from two other party women namely Resty Kuteesa Nabasumba and Pamela Namuyanja. 

By the time the last vote was counted, 90% of the leaders that got elected into the new party structures were people that had been sponsored by her competitors one of whom is actually being fronted by DP Bukomansimbi district vice chairman Ssalongo Joseph Muyanja.

The legislator herself desired to be a member of the district executive leadership only to be floored by another DP lady called Eva Norah Birimukatonda.

For the position of district party chairpersonship, MP Veronica Nanyondo’s preferred candidate was floored losing to eventual winner Deo Kiyingi, her fellow MP, whose wife Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi is actually being fronted by the NRM to become the next Bukomansimbi district Woman MP.

The outcome of the Friday polling in DP simply means there is no way the youthful legislator can stand a chance to carry the DP flag against Nakiwala Kiyingi because the eventual flag bearer will have to be determined by the newly elected leaders 90% of whom aren’t hers.

The only option she now has is to fluke the politics of NUP and perhaps carry their flag but the big problem there is that even the NUP Principal Bobi Wine Sentamu has already issued strict conditions prohibiting double dealers who would like to work with him without first denouncing membership to their mother parties.

Yet Bukomansimbi, being a conservative rural constituency, is not one where one abandons DP (Ben Kiwanuka’s party) and begins telling people about a new party on the eve of a major general election.

On perceiving the results from DP elections as heralding end of the road for her, Veronica Nanyondo publicly broke down and wailed while lying on the ground as she threatened to undress like Stella Nyanzi to demonstrate her displeasure.

Dick Lukyamuzi, who the Mao DP leadership deployed to supervise the elections in Bukomansimbi, had to call in the Kanyamas to forcefully drag out the MP who was sobbing uncontrollably.

Incumbent Nanyondo is enduring all this political misery at a time her archrival Nakiwala Kiyingi is in a very buoyant mood after AFLI’s Parliamentary Scorecard rated her among the most vibrant and high-performing Ministers/front bench Members of Parliament.

In the same rating, Nanyondo was ranked among the worst performers. Nanyondo’s cracking and the emerging of cracks in the DP camp simply means Nakiwala or whoever the ruling NRM party fronts is most likely going to have a smooth ride to become the next Bukomansimbi Woman MP.

Veronica Nanyondo is married to DP Vice President Mukasa Mbidde.

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