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Boxer Ssenyange Zebra was Killed by Soldiers in Operation-Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has apologized for the death of national boxing team captain, Zebra Ssenyange, also known as Mando.

Mando was gunned down at around 1 am on Wednesday morning by unknown assailants a few metres away from his home in St Francis Zone, Bwaise III Parish in Kawempe division..

Giving his New Year message on Thursday, the President said he was sorry for the death of the boxer who was also a staunch ruling NRM party mobiliser.

“Before I give the successes and challenges of the year, I would like to begin on a sad note on the death of Zebra Ssenyange whom I was supposed to meet in a few days,”Museveni said on Thursday evening.

“I specifically decided to take on his case and I have so far found out he was killed by security personnel. I am very sorry, so sorry about this. I will bring my entire findings to the knowledge of the family. I am very sorry.”

The President explained that whereas he didn’t personally know the fallen boxer, he was doing a good mobilizing for the ruling party in Bwaise where he resided before his demise.

Museveni admitted that the deceased who was supposed to meet him was killed by security personnel who were carrying out an operation but noted his own investigations into the gruesome murder are still ongoing to unearth the truth.

“I am still investigating elements that caused this tragedy. Information was received that this unfortunate young person (Ssenyange) was training boxers who would then be used by some people to attack civilians. I got some information of how some of the youths trained by him were involved in controversy over a taxi park in that area,” Museveni said.

“The security people had gone to take Zebra and ask him some questions. When they got to his home at 12:03am, they knocked but people inside didn’t open. Zebra was in sitting room but instead went behind the house. Apparently he climbed over the fence and went some distance away.”

Museveni noted that Ssenyange’s wife and son cooperated with security that had forced them open the door, but noted that the deceased was shot by another group of soldiers who had remained outside the fence as part of the military operation.

Boxer Zebra SSenyange aka Mando in ring 

“He went some distance away and bumped into the other people and that is the controversy I want to conclude. Soldiers say when they stopped him he refused and tried to fight them. He was shot twice and died.”

Museveni insisted that the former boxer was killed by the military during an operation.

“I am very sorry about this. I have talked to wife and son and will investigate the whole situation and will inform the family and country.”

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