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Boda Boda 2010 are trained Gangsters

Boda Boda 2010 Members have been undergoing training in Rwanda over 1000 Members have been through this training.

CMI investigators are in shocked after hearing confessions from arrested Boda Boda 2010 Members.

“We participated in the Bukomansimbi murders and other murders as directed by our bosses” says a suspect asking for immunity in exchange to leading them to all the weapons.

Suspect narrated how they entered Rwanda, which safe houses they were kept in and the kind of skills they acquired in training.

You will be reminded that Ali Kabanda mentioned in his letter to the president that Boda Boda Guys used to do surveillance work and Police would just come in to kidnap Rwandese Refugees, Isa Arinaitwe wrote that Mafia had infiltrated Uganda and were planning to hurt the nation deeply.

Police Officers I spoke to refused to comment about the power of Kitata in Police he was next to the IGP, Kitata meets the IGP on a daily basis and has access to his office, Kitata was first armed with a Pistol by SSP Nixon Agasirwe in instructions of Kayihura later KK signed on Kitata’s official gun license papers. I reported earlier that Nixon had give out three Pistols to Kanyamunyu, Hajji Kiyimba and Kitata.

The President had two security meetings during Christmas season in which General Kayihura wasn’t invited yet these were security meeting, surprising even General Tumukunde wasn’t invited, but I would like to inform you that it was tactical not to invited General Tumukunde he was there by proxy. The idea not to invited Tumukunde was meant to fool Kayihura Who has agents around every leader in Uganda now, last year there was a major clean up in SFC arresting all suspected Kayihura moles, the same happened in ISO and CMI the cleanup in ISO and CMI plus SFC is not yet complete but atleast information is now on a need to know basis, security levels have been created this is why your friend tvo is left behind now his Lugambo boys must have been cleaners, lol.

Boda Boda 2010 activities have been disguised as promuseveni activities yet in the real sense they are anti government, being anti Government would be good if their agenda was to return Uganda to democracy, if at all we are not a democracy (I will leave that for you to judge) but they are a force to make Kayihura the next proxy leader of Rwanda, no Uganda patriot can allow that to happen.

I should remind readers that Congo is now being lead by a Proxy President, Kabila’s Mother is of Rwandan Origin, he is married to a Rwandese Lady he was brought into power by Rwanda through chaos, Kayihura’s Mother is of ……. origin, his brother is high in the Rwandan army, Kayihura is married to Angela a Rwandese Lady whose family is part of the royals in Rwanda. At Kayihura’s wedding General Kagame was the bestman. Do you guys know what’s happening in Congo? Resources are stollen in broad daylight by Rwanda, am sure we can let that happen back home our resources are for Ugandans and our investors.

General Kayihura managed to convince Museveni that crime preventers were a force to help stop crime in Uganda, he put his son to head a group of 200,000 crime preventers, these were disarmed in orders of Museveni, currently General Salim Salem is tasked to integrate them back into society and farming. Some have been added into Boda Boda 2010 with skills on weapon handling what is left of them is an order to attack.

Ugandans must be careful Kayihorror has the means to start another Kony rebellion in Uganda, he has promoted tribalism in Police and promoted many of his tribe members and Catholics from Kisoro, he has the numbers and has the weapons plus a source of weapons. He knows all weakness in security and intelligence and has caused a few attacks already, it’s Kayihura’s wrong intelligence that lead to the Kasese attacks clearly leading Museveni into problems intentional. Intelligence is still asking questions how where the police officers killed in Kasese? During this time the army and Police had surrounded the palace who killed the officers and where did they go? (This will be a story for another day)

Boda Boda 2010 committed crimes, to cause fear and insecurity within the masses, this would support General Kayihura’s operational expenses, beat up the opposition which ends in the international media as brutality and abuse of human rights by groups close to Police. All these acts where aimed at bringing down Museveni and the Opposition in the interest of Kayihura who would raise up In case of any chaos as the savior.

Have your ever cheated? When you start this beautiful act of cheating you will find it easy to accuse your partner of cheating. Rwanda accused Uganda of recruiting and training its enemies, but these confessions have lead Intelligence to believe that Rwanda has actually trained goons to make Uganda unsafe for its citizens.


By : Musiitwa Adams Sunny on Democratic Party Facebook Page

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