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Biharwe Division stakeholders gang up against Kakyebezi over Road

Biharwe-Mbarara.  Stakeholders from Biharwe Division Mbarara Municipality have today ganged up against Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi and his Executive accusing them for neglecting their road that was supposed to appear in the budget 2019/2020 financial year.

This comes after a few days ago when Mbarara Municipal Councilors rejected twice council meeting to approve the budget of financial year 2019/2020 due to some of the issues/resolutions they claim that were not implemented in the financial year 2018/2019.

In the Stakeholders meeting that held at Kashanyarazi in Biharwe town was headed by the Division Chairman Steven Muganga, five LC4 councilors from the same division alongside some members of the community raised different views about the negligence of their road Biharwe Circular Road for not appearing in this coming Financial Budget.

The stakeholders claim that their road as Biharwe Circular road in Kashanyarazi Biharwe Town was first put in the financial year 2018/2019, but to their surprise is to find that in the budget 2019/2020 which the councilors refused to approve few days ago is nowhere to be seen.

According to the works committee Chairman David Nahurira confirms that Biharwe Circular road was earlier in the Budget of 2018/2019 but later it was removed by some members of executive and replaced it with Banyu-kashanyarazi road from Kakoba Division which was done out of  conflict of interest.

Nahurira added that Biharwe circular a 0.5km was budgeted for 256m for tarmac. He says that since the secretary for works Muzamir Sekajja comes from Kakoba Division the same area where Banyu Kashanyarazi road is located, he used his powers as works committee secretary and replaced his road Banyu-kashanyarazi instead of Biharwe Circular.

“When I was submitting my report as works committee chairman, Biharwe Circular road was No.1 to be upgradedto tarmac, but we wondered how it was removed” Nahurira said.    

Chairman LC3 Steven Muganga leading locals in a demo at Biharwe Circular road in Biharwe town

 Through the meeting which the leaders and locals attended, they threaten that if Mayor Kakyebezi and his Executive fail to put their Road (Biharwe Circular road) in the Budget, he will never have any platform at any function within their Division.

One of the locals and the former Mbarara Municipality MP aspirant Edwin Akoragye said that this is one way how Mbarara Leaders have undermined Biharwe Division. “Why could the council or committee of the council passes a resolution to construct a certain road in an area and then some people come in and remove it from the budget? If Kakyebezi fails to undertake this concern to put our road in the budget, as Biharwe Stakeholders we will never allow him to speak at any function within our division” he said.

When our Reporter talked to the Deputy Town Clerk Richard Mugisha, he said that Biharwe Circular Road was not listed among the roads to be worked on this financial year due to financial squeeze.

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