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Besigye spends $6000 on jailed Sam Mugumya

Opposition icon Col Kizza Besigye has secretly been bankrolling his former aide Sam Mugumya who was arrested three years ago in DRC.

Mugumya was arrested and detained in Ndolo military facility over illegal entry into Congo. His fate for over years has been unknown with Ugandan government officials remaining tight-lipped. A section of the public including those in opposition criticized Kizza Besigye for neglecting his henchman in DRC.

However, MbararaCityNews has established that Besigye chose to secretly handle Mugumya’s issues because of its sensitivity.According to Moses Byamugisha, who closely worked with Mugumuya as Besigye’s aides, said that, “Throughout these three years he has been in prison, President Besigye has been supporting him with money for upkeep together with his colleagues.”

Moses added that Besigye assigned him to follow up this matter since and so far Mugumya received a notice of intention to shift him from Ndola prison to Beni for trial or release.“You may not that it’s in Beni where the rest of Ugandans are being tried for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity,” Byamugisha said.

He said Besigye has single-handedly been paying legal fees to the lawyers handling the matter. This website saw the documents where the transactions have been made but couldn’t publish them for fear of putting Besigye’s contacts in DRC in danger. “Besigye had to hire a francophone lawyer based in Kinshasa to follow up this matter and assigned me to coordinate this,” Byamugisha added.

He was also quick to say, “because of the sensitivity of this issue, we don’t discuss it publicly.” In a rough estimation, Besigye has so far spent over $6000 for Mugumya to regain his freedom. Other reports earlier indicated that Mugumya was arrested trying to engage in subversive activities. Ugandan government is yet to verify these allegations.


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