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Beef between M.P Mpaka and Bright Muhumuza has deepened

Mbarara. War between Western Uganda Youth Member of Parliament Hon. Mwiine Mpaka and the businessman Bright Muhumuza has now deepened as the duo are preparing to stand against each other in the next general elections to represent Mbarara City South in Parliament.

Some Months ago the two had misunderstandings among themselves about the closure of the pyramid scheme companies in Mbarara when Muhumuza the former aspirant MP for Mbarara Municipality attacked MP Mpaka blaming him for being behind the closure.

Muhumuza criticized the closure of one of the Pyramid Scheme companies called Alliance Emotional Global which was closed by authorities upon receiving reports that the bosses of this company were coning the youth. Authorities including Security officers raided their offices at Former Nakumatt Building, ordered them to stop their activities. But after some days of the closure they resumed their activities.

This matter caused a lot of conflicts between some leaders and including some political activists. This is when Muhumuza accused M.P Mpaka being the one behind the closure and that he has failed to lobby projects for the Youth to serve as alternative for such Pyramid Scheme companies that he claims employ the youth. It is alleged that Muhumuza was one of the local directors of closed Alliance Emotional Global. Following the closure, Muhumuza has opened a war with Mpaka to the extent that Muhumuza a regular Radio talk shows visitor has started de-campaigning Mbarara City Foot Ball Club owned by Hon. Mpaka.

Speaking to Mbarara City News Reporter this week on Monday, Muhumuza blames Mpaka for having delivered nothing on behalf of western Youths, but only he has planned to close up the pyramidal Scheme companies yet he is a beneficially because over three pyramidal scheme companies rent from his Dad’s Building Minister Bright Rwamirama.

“Why would Mpaka focus on our companies yet they are the same family who rent these companies if it was not political. Why doesn’t he focus on fighting Labor export where many youths have suffered as slaves in Arab countries” said Muhumuza.

Muhumuza has interested to stand as People Power candidate for Mbarara City Southern Division in the next elections. This is the same constituency where Hon. Mpaka has also shown to stand for, on the same seat it includes the Former LC5 Chairman Deus Tumusiime Omuteganda who is seen regularly in the same area campaigning for the same seat.    

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