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Battle for Mbarara City Division Mayoral Seats deepens

Mbarara. Different Aspirants for different political Positions in the coming city for Mbarara are on high gear within the early campaigns for the next coming elections 2021. As we talk, there is another war that has erupted between the aspiring candidates for the seat of Divisions mayor of Mbarara City North and Mbarara City South.

As you Know, when Mbarara becomes a City by next year, it will be composed of two City Divisions which is Mbarara City North and Mbarara City South where each Division will have a Division Mayor who will be reporting to the City Mayor.

Mbarara City News recently reported about the early campaigns wars between the aspiring candidates fighting for the City Lord Councillorship from the different constituencies in Mbarara City starting July 2020. Though Mbarara has not received the City like it is expect many people have started political wars because of different interests. Today we have learnt that there is the most ever battle for elections in Mbarara between candidates who have shown interest to contend for the two City Divisions Mayoral Seats.

Who battles who?

According to our sources, the most competitive and clashing area among the two Divisions Mayoral seats is Mbarara City North Division where the former Kakika Division Chairman Benon Mugume is battling with his best enemy Gumisiriza Kyabwisho the current Kakika Division Chairman. In the same race, Mugume as the most powerful candidate and a threat is also battling with the Biharwe Division Chairman Steven Muganga and Godfrey Bamwesigye Chairman LC3 Kamukuzi Division who is also contesting.

In the last elections of 2016, Mugume and Gumisiriza blew and tied their necks which resulted into courts of law where Kyabwisho faces charges and costs for compensation of about 3m to Mugume who was badly beaten before Kyabwisho took over the race. This time around, the two cannot see each other eye to eye and they are currently in the field campaigning for the next elections for the seat of Mbarara City North Mayor.  On top of that it is said that Mugume is currently beefing with Biharwe Division Chairman Muganga who developed their enmity because of misunderstandings.

Speaking to Mugume he says that he got misunderstandings with his rival Muganga when they failed to agree in a private meeting. It has been discovered that before Muganga decided to come for same seat, he sat with Mugume and agreed that he would come as a City Lord Councilor once he is facilitated.

But now Mugume speaking to our reporter, Mugume revealed the secret that Muganga asked him a lot of money to facilitate his contestation as a city councilor but as Mugume he says that he refused to raise the money which annoyed Muganga and decided to also stand against him for the Division Mayoral seat.

Mugume is most financially stable compared to his rivals, it is alleged the Muganga and Kyabwisho are badly fighting him to make sure that they defeat him down, He si accused that h e misused his office during his regime as the LC3 Chairman for Kakika Division where they that he sold over five Government lands.  According to Kyabwisho he says he claims that he has performed better than Mugume’s regime because during Mugume’s regime out of 27 cells only four had piped water, but now in this regime he about 25 cells have piped water. In response, Mugume said that in reality most of the lands have been taken within this regime, that whether Kyabwisho or Muganga are all culprits of Land theft in Mbarara.

In the same battle, there is beefing created between Chairman Kyabwisho and Chairman Bamwesigye who are neighboring Chairmen of Kakika and Kamukuzi. Bamwesigye says that Kyabwisho is now playing cheap politics because of fights for cheap population. It is alleged that Kyabwisho is mostly seen in Kamukuzi for campaigns and he has almost covered the whole division marketing his name on how he cannot be compared with Bamwesigye when it comes on Service delivery.

Another hot battle is within Mbarara City South Division where about five aspiring candidates have shown interest to stand for the Division Mayoral seat. These include, woman councilor Doreen Natamba representing Kakoba ward in Mbarara Municipal council, Nyakayojo LC3 Chairman Jomo Mugabe who doubles NRM Chairman Mbarara District, Former LC3 Chairman for Kakoba Division Rashid Mukasa Moses, Mbarara District Councilor Deo Rukundo and Kenneth Umoja a City Businessman, a son of Umoja a renowned city yycoon in Mbarara.

Any of these candidates is battling each other in their race and most of these candidates are from Kakoba and Nyakayojo Division. Mbarara City South Division is composed of Kakoba, Nyamitanga and Nyakayojo Division.

Currently the battle is mostly tight between Kenneth Umoja, Mukasa and Natamba who are however fighting to push against the wall Chairman Jomo the most threat candidate in this race.

Jomo is feared by the rest of these candidates because they suspect him that he a master of vote theft who purportedly use his money and influence as NRM Boss to steal votes.

Speaking to each of these candidates who have shown the interest to stand, they have shown different bitter feelings to their opponents at they have contested in the same race.

Natamba the only Lady contesting with five men told our reporter that she has got experience in politics as a councilor that makes her capable to lead in this coming City. She said that there are some candidates who are contending in the same race but they lack experience in leadership that they only have commercial knowledge.   She added that like Jomo has been in leadership for 20 years, but he has failed to deliver services in Nyakayojo where is the Chairman. Natamba also identified the likes of Mukasa has led Kakoba for one term but he also left the division lacking services.

Kenneth Umoja is one of the Young Youth battling with experiences men and lady who have been in the system of politics. Speaking to our reporter he said that he cannot tolerate his rivals who claim that they have enough political experience to lead in the City. He said that those fellow candidates have been in power for years but they have delivered nothing in their respective areas.

Kenneth claims that Mbarara City will be a commercial city once it becomes a city, and for him he has acquired the relevant skills in business that can assist to run a commercial city when it comes in lobbing for investors. He says that none of the candidates he is contesting that has ever gone outside the country in some Cities to cope the way how cities are organized, but for he has got opportunities to move to Dubai and other Cities when he goes for shopping and this has contributed a lot study how Cities should look like. He added that his fellow candidates are just coming because of greedy.

Rashid Mukasa has been confronted by Natamba and Umoja who said that he was a chairman of Kakoba Division but he delivered nothing in his regime and that that’s why he was dropped out from politics some years back. While responding Mukasa mocked and blamed the fellow contenders that some of them have just come for political propaganda.

“How can some come and say that am start confronting that I delivered nothing yet am the only chairman who led Kakoba Division for one term and managed to tarmac roads of 3km in my area?” Mukasa asked. He added that he built Nyamityobora within his regime something that has failed some of the Division Leaders. Mukasa started politics way back in 1998, and in record he has always led for only one term in whichever political level, he is currently the Vice President of MDF.

A lot of accusations have been put on Jomo that is the most corrupt Division Chairman in Mbarara, that he allegedly participated in the arrest of one his rivals’ councilor Rukundo who was recently arrested because of loans.  

Jomo told our reporter that because of fear from his rivals they are just creating stupid allegations a bid to tarnish his name. He refuted those allegations that he was involved in the arrest of councilor Rukundo because as Jomo he was not attached at any of the Bankers that arrested him. He also noted that those who are trying to fight him he is not their level at all.   

Jomo has been in leadership since 2002, he is the chairman LC3 for Nyakayojo and Mbarara District NRM Chairman. He is set to contest again for the NRM Chairman. 

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