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Ambassador Rukari’s businesses face closure over 285m Debts

Mbarara.There was Chaos at Rwebikona Mbarara municipality when District councillors raided former Ambassador Robert Rukari’s business centre demonstrating to close him over debts of 285m which he has defaulted to pay for over five years for rent for the district premises.

This drama came out after councillors led by their speaker Barum Nryaguma made a resolution in the council meeting held on Tuesday to close the premises which Rukari has been renting from the District council but in the long run he failed to pay the dues as they agreed.

Motion was brought before council by councillor Mark Mugisha insisting that Rukari’s businesses should be closed on the district premises because he arrogantly refused to pay rent of 285m. He was seconded by a number of councilors who right away rose up pluck cards saying that “Rukari must pay our money or leave AMPROCK”.

Ambassador Rukari is the chairman Entrepreneurs League Western Region and member of CEC, he was rented the premises by the previous council but since he rented those premises he has only paid 40m according to the Secretary for Finance Baziri Batarinagaya.

After councilors made aresolution on closing the AMPROCK the speaker adjourned the council meeting for 15 min for the members to first move down to the premises with an intention to close all the businesses and activities that were being done on the land. Among the businesses that are ran from these distrct premises include the Car Bond, Hima cement stores and the Former De Posh Bar which is not functioning today. All these, it is alleged that Rukari has also been renting the same premises to other individual companies that run the above busnesses.

Chairman JB Bamuturaki Tumusiime in council meeting on his role Ambassador Rukari’s debts

Councilors argued that Rukari has rented district premises to the other sectors and failed to pay his Land load which is the district. According to the Mbarara district Chief Administrative Officer Felix Cuthbert Eseku said that Rukari had applied asking for a Liz but council had refused and that might be the reason why he decided to default to pay rent according to Eseku.

Councillors got a concern after realizing that Rukari has started to demolish the district containers at the AMPROCK to construct some structures inside yet they have never agreed with him on the matter.

According to some of the councilors including the speaker Nyraguma said that some of the had started doubting the district chairman and the CAO to have connived with Mr. Rukari to inconvenient the payment. This is the point where the speaker asked the chairman JB Bakamuturaki Tumusiime to explain on the matters.

But chairman Bakamuturaki challenged the allegations and thanks the councillors for organizing the demonstration to close AMPROCK because they have tried to demand Rukari to pay their Rent dues but it was all in vain. The land where all the premises are located is 3.5 hectares.

Councillors camped on the site from 11:00am to 03:00pm as waiting to handover the premises to the police authority not to allow any further activities. Police delayed to arrive until the CAO Decided to go at police station Mbarara to pick them himself as the other councillors left and went back to the council hall to resume their council meeting for other issues.

Councilors, CAO Eseku camping at one of AMPROCK premises


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