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35Kg Gold Stolen from UPDF General’s home worth 7.4b

Only a brave person can steal from an Army General. A casual labourer, who was in charge of training dogs belonging to a top General (Name withheld) in Kampala, proved to be too brave when he outwitted his employer and made off with 35kg of pure Gold from one of the General’s homes.

Currently, a Kilogramme of Gold costs $56,761 (Shs 212m) on the world market. This implies the General had gold worth Shs7.4b.

The casual labourer took advantage of the General’s busy schedule and used the backdoor to get where the gold is stored. Apparently, the army officer was busy several meetings at his home.

According to sources privy to the incident, the young man left behind gold chains that were also in the General’s possession.

“The gold chains were gifts from the general’s close associates,” a source said.

The general has several homes, including one in Kawempe, Nakawa and in western Uganda. Sources revealed that the general acquired 35 Kg of pure gold, yet he has no license to deal in precious mineral

According to sources, the General reported the case to one of Kampala Metropolitan Police Stations, but later declined to pursue the matter after officers tasked with following up the matter asked him for the source of the gold.

“The General developed cold feet and asked that officers stop pursuing his worker for fear of being exposed as a gold dealer, yet he has no license,” the source revealed.

It is reported that only a few people, including family members and the labourer, knew about the presence of Gold in the General’s house.

Although preliminary clues had led investigators to a prominent housing estate in Kampala, security later got information that the worker (names withheld) had travelled back home in the district of Gulu.

Previous Gold scandals involving Army Officers

In 2016, a case involving Col. Kulayigye, a senior army officer became media fodder after the officer was later suspended following his involvement in a controversial Gold deal. The officer denied the allegations and was later cleared.

Last September, the U.S Government sanctioned former Uganda Police chief, Gen. Kale Kayihura, over his alleged role in human rights abuse, corruption and smuggling illicit goods, including gold. Kayihura was accused of diverting funds intended for official Ugandan Government business, and using another Government employee to smuggle illicit goods, out of Uganda. However denied all these allegations and claims.

In 2008, three army officers were among six suspects arrested over a robbery in which 600Kg of Gold was grabbed from a trader in Bwaise, Kawempe Division

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