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26% of People in Mbarara are infected with Hepatitis B

More people in Mbarara are infected with Hepatitis B more than national prevalence rate of 1.8 %. This was revealed in a free testing and counselling services offered by Homely Clinic Medical Centre in conjuction with The CPA.

In a bid to stop, prevent, control, sensitize people on the spread of a dangerous Hepatitis B, Homely Clinic Medical Centre in Mbarara have started giving out free testing services of this disease a service that begun 1st January 2018 and officially launched today.

Hepatitis B is dangerous and deadly disease caused by virus that attacks the liver.

The CPA, a Non-governmental Organisation in partnership with Homely Clinic Medical Centre offer testing and counselling Service once a week and those found to be positive will get vaccination at a subsidized fee.

The doctors say that in the out of 50 people they have so far tested 13 were infected representing positive rate of 26%. The testing and vaccination center is offered at Uganda Martyrs Primary School. Dr. Barnabas of Homely Clinic Medical Centre calls upon all people to take this Hepatitis B disease more serious and to always test in time and to endeavor to complete the dose once one has started the medication.

Hepatitis B is caused by a virus and spreads through contact with body fluids, blood, sweat of the infected person, and one needs to do tests as early as possible because when one gets the disease after 6 months it cant be cured and deterioration of it causes liver cancer where most body parts like the eyes , hands and others turn yellow In colour Says Arebahoona Barnabas one the Doctors

Claire-one of the patients after her first injection

Dr .Barnabas says that when a person is tested and found positive, more 5 tests are done like CBS, to tests the platelets, the ability to contain the drug, the rate at which you can spread it and hence the drug you are given which is ARVS [Anti Retro- Viral Drugs] ,He further said that HIV is also testedbefore one starts taking the dosage.

I was home , Dad was from taking his second injection , he found me home and told me to come and take my first dose when I reached here the doctors told me that its more dangerous than HIV said Tusiime Patience one of the ladies found at the vaccination Centre

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