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11 Teachers sacked over Alcoholism in Mbarara

Mbarara. Mbarara District Rewards and Sanction Committe took a decision to sack 11 teachers and Head Teachers from service due to over alcoholism during school time.

While in the meeting held at the Mbarara District Headquarters Kamukuzi that was chaired by the Committee Chairman Alfred Byamukama Deputy CAO Mbarara and the District Education Officer Gabriel Ahimbisibwe they decided to sack some of the alcoholic Head Teachers and Teachers who were summoned in the same meeting on Monday who are reported to reporting at drunk

This happened on Monday when over 17 Head Teachers and Teachers were summoned in the Reward and Sanction committee meeting with an intention of consoling them but at the end of it all the committee ended up resolving to sack eleven teachers from the service.

Most of the alcoholic teachers are from Mwizi Sub-county in Rwampala County Mbarara District where most of the schools have poorly per formed in Primary Leaving Examinations. This caused a worry to the District after receiving several reports from the Local Parents lamenting that their schools have turned into bar paradises as the Teachers often come to school with alcohol.

Among the sacked teachers there is two Head Teachers and these include Robert Kafureka 50 years and Head Teacher Rwamanuma P/S. This school performed extremely poorly in the last PLE as it had grade one 0 pupil, grade two 0, grade three 0 and 13 pupils in grade four and others in U. Another Head Teacher that was sacked is George Mwine of Nyarubare P/S who confessed that he has been taking alcohol for forty years.

One of the Teachers Rogers Tigamugaya of Karamurani P/S was arrested in the committee over indiscipline as he was trying to challenge the committee when examined, the thing that antagonized them and the DEO decided to arrest him to stop overlooking the committee.

In the same committee a 51-year-old woman Anna Ahimbisibwe a class teacher of Rugarura P/S was also cut off from service due to access alcoholism. In her excuse before the committee she said that she takes alcohol due to family issues because she separated with the husband.

George Mwine Head Teacher of a Primary School talking while visibly drunk

The committee claims that it has for so long been warning teachers to stop drinking alcohol during school time but all in vain.

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