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Tension in court as Speaker Tashobya clash with SFC Soldier

Mbarara. There was drama and tension in Mbarara court after the Speaker of Mbarara Municipality Bony Tashobya Karutsya clashed with one Jotham Mugisha, an SFC soldier over threatening him during hearing Acid Attack case.

The quarrel erupted before Chief Magistrates Samuel Twakiire today while he was handling Acid Attack case involving speaker Tashobya and other Suspects in a matter that they are accused of pouring acid onto councilor Amos Katurebe. Towards the end of the court session, Speaker Tashobya raised up his arm and the Chief Magistrate granted him a permission to speak.  Tashobya informed Chief Magistrate that in the same court there is a soldier of SFC (Special Forces Command) who was threatening him using sms and WhatsApp chats.

This soldier who was identified as Jotham Mugisha is said to be a cousin brother to councilor Katurebe who is a victim of acid attack that took place on the night of 8th November 2017. Mugisha has been severally seen at Mbarara court whenever this case comes up for mention.

Mbarara Municipality Bony Tashobya Karutsya

In Court today two Police Officers and witnesses that testified in court are Irene Ojamuke who is Investigative Officer and one Ass. Inspector of police Mbabazi who is the CID all attached at Mbarara Central Police Station. The case was adjourned to tomorrow for further hearing.

The magistrate warned Jotham Mugisha to stop meddling in the case and let court do its work peacefully.

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