Nyabusirira COU officially gets a Lay Leader

Nyabusirira COU officially gets a Lay Leader


Protestants in Nyabusirira, Church of Uganda in Kabushwere  Kashare Nombe parish Kashari found in Rutooma Archidiconary, Ankole Diocese on Sunday got a lay leader officially, in the names of Byaruhanga Jackson. In his message as the Chief celebrant  Reverand Francis Mwebaze told people to love each other as God loved them and telling them how they are chosen as christians and people of God as how Jackson has been chosen and so should not be desperate but rather stay optimistic for a good future  .

Jackson has not spent a period of one year in this church but what he has done makes the Protestants of Nyabusirira love him and request him to do more, he has enabled closing of the church with windows and doors, and shifting from the old church to the newly finished church which was in a wanting state and almost fell on their heads,


The Protestants thanked him in church by giving him gifts, presenting songs, as well as 5 goats,” we are so happy today for officially getting a lay leader at Nyabusirira and we appreciate what he has so far done and we expect in him much positivity” Inid Nkangi the area councilor said .The newly crowned lay leader says that he was chosen by God to serve the people in the area and promises to still do more good things for the people what he was chosen for and been chosen for as of now