Ankole King-Asiimwe asks Pupils to embrace Culture

The self-proclaimed Omugabe of defunct Ankole kingdom Asimwe NtareVI Rubambansi has called upon primary school pupils to embrace culture of Ankole by not forgetting their mother language while at School.

Rubambansi made these remarks to Kyabanyoro Primary School Pupils who had come to visit his shrines at Itamba Hill in Nyakayojo division Mbarara Municipality. He noted that initially pupils were being taught hand work, weaving and reciting poems in Lunyankole among others, he said that these have ceased calling for an inclusive curriculum.

Pupils also stressed that numerous visits to the shrines has impacted much on their knowledge on the culture of Ankole, including the royal regalia and grass thatched houses.

It should be noted that last year in December, Asiimwe Ntare VI hijacked and declared himself as the new King of Ankole Kingdom and went ahead to made his cabinet. He made a statement where he detailed his cabinet.

Students being taken
Students being taken

According to the press statement issued on 07 December 2016 signed by self proclaimed Asimwe Rubambasi Ntare VI the Omugabe wa Ankole categorically appointed prime minister, secretaries, county chiefs, Ministers and speaker.
“I Asimwe Rubambansi NtareVI,appoint prime minister, secretary, speaker, Ministers and County chiefs to serve in the Ankolre King dom as required of me by the cultural norms following the coronation on 29th October 2016 at Itaaba Kyabanyoro in Mbarara” The statement reads.
According to his cabinet he appointed Prof. Baryamureba as the prime Minister, speaker Max Muhumuza, Canibet secretary Kankiriho Muteguya, vice secretary Agababyoona Collins, Minister ICT Mukora Henry his deputy Nasa Tushabe, Minsiter of Heritage and Culture Edard Karukiko, Attoney General Bingana Michael, Minister of Finance Planning Mrs Edinah Bagarukayo, Minister of youth Nangumya Habert, among the County chiefs are Bright Muhumuza former Mbarara Municipality aspirant for Mbarara, Muntu Benson, for sheema,and others
However prior to that development the Engabo za Ankole had accused Katatumba of incompetence and failure to gear up their efforts towards the restoration of Ankole Kingdom since the abolition of kingdoms in Uganda by the then President Milton Obote in 1967. It should be noted that Ankole Royalists have been advocating for the restoration of their kingdom from the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni but their efforts have been kept a deaf ear, unlike other Kingdoms which were restored Like Tooro, Buganda, among others.